Introduction and Mission Statement

Greetings world,
My name is Patrick Shank and I am a first year in Temple University’s Master’s Program with a concentration in Public History. To learn more on my background and interests please check out my about page.
This blog is designed to follow and report on my first class at Temple, Managing History: An Introduction to Public History. Though this class not only do I plan on learning more about public history and how to apply it to my future career but I also look forward to the opportunity to work closely with the Powel House throughout the semester in order to create a new self-guided tour on the Preservation History at the Powel House. With only a weeks’ worth of classes under my belt, I am excited to see how the semester progresses and to adjust from undergraduate to graduate school.
My main mission throughout this class and my graduate career on a whole is to expand my knowledge of public history through both classroom learning and hand on experience such as at the Powel House. Through this, I hope to find the best way to combine my two main areas of interest, Cold War naval history and archival history, into a strong Master’s thesis as well as a viable career path for the future. Although there is a long road ahead, I am prepared to deal with and overcome the challenges that lay in store.


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