Internship Week 4

After a relaxing week down the shore, I have returned to my internship at the Seaport Museum. This week was another short week thanks to Memorial Day but Tuesday and Friday were very productive days. I have just about finished going through all the Becuna material, with the exception of one or two boxes of material still needed to be taken off the submarine, which will hopefully be taken off and examined on Monday. With this major part of the job done, next week I will likely move onto the main task of processing and cataloging the collection. This will involve organizing the material into series and sub-series and using the digital catalog to create the finding aid. Looking back on the work I have done the first four weeks, preforming an extensive intellectual assessment process of the collection was vital because without it a clear idea of how to organize the material would not have been possible. Indeed, because the collection has such a wide range of material, from blue prints to reunion correspondence and Olympia Association records to dinner menus, doing an intellectual assessment allowed me to take a step back and see not only what the Museum had but also what would make the most sense for a researcher to use when visiting the archives. With this in mind I see three major grouping of the Becuna collection, the first is the blue prints and instruction manuals, which make up the technical understanding of the submarine. The next is the service records which date mainly from 1964-1969  and contain work logs, crew information, and correspondence. The final main grouping is the Olympia Association and Independence Seaport Museum records, which would include internal correspondence and panning as well as the reunion material. Along with photographs, these three groupings make up the bulk of the collection. We will see once I get into the actual cataloging how these grouping hold up and if any tweaks have to be made along the way.


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