Internship Week 7

This was a short week in which I worked 12 hours because Wednesday night I leave for a 5 day trip to England to see Richie Blackmore preform a one off concert playing music from Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Similar to the post from last week, this week saw me continue to process the first series of the Becuna collection. All of Monday and Tuesday as devoted to this task, allowing me to finish with processing the blue prints by the end of the day on Tuesday. With this, the first and largest of the six collections has been completed. In all, it resulted in 42 archival boxes and takes up six shelves in the stacks. Now I can turn my attention to the rest of the collection, with the next series to be processed the manuals and instruction books. As this process continues, I have been writing down the folder names and numbers so that I can easily begin using the online digital catalog once I finish with the processing part. Processing the blue prints took longer than expected; however, the rest of the collection should be easier since they are already in archival folders and have folder names, all that is needed is a folder number. While this is a very time consuming process, completing the blue print series, is exciting since it brings me closer to having a completed and fully useable archival collection.




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