Internship Week 8

After returning from an amazing trip to England, I got back to work at the Seaport Museum for 12 hours on Tuesday and Friday. This week I turned my attention to the next series in the Becuna collection, the manuals and instruction books. Next to the blueprints this is likely the second largest of the collection and unlike the blueprints there was no original order to base the structure on. Due to this, I had to spend a lot of time thinking about of these papers should be arranged in relation to one another that would make sense for when it is used by researchers. In the end, I organized them by the the type of document so that all the instruction manuals are first followed by maintenance, technical, and coding. Then with in each group the are grouped by topic, so that in the instruction section it would move from the hydraulics, to the coils, to the coffeemakers. This work was very interesting because unlike the blueprints, I had much more control over how it should be organized since the original order had long been disrupted. This was important to experience since it is a heavy responsibility deciding how a collection will be arranged since it will likely stay that way for years to come and will directly affect how a researcher is able to find information. Thus this gave me great experience in working on a collection that has not been keep in any organized way. This will also be true for dealing with the rest of the collection as the material on the Becuna‘s service and the Olympia/ Seaport Museum records will also require me to organize them from the ground up.

6 of the 8 boxes of the manual series of the collection

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