Internship Week 9

This past week was a very productive one. Not only did I finish the manuals series but I also was able to catalog the Becuna service records. Furthermore, I created a new series of crew records since in the material that had been organized years ago there were a number of individual crew folders with material both from the Becuna’s service as well as from the Olympia Association and the Independence Seaport Museum. This is a very interesting series since it can be used to reveal a more personal side than the blueprint and manual series can. Indeed, with all of these series, the collection can give a in-depth understanding of the technology, planning, and personal sides of the Becuna and the Navy on the whole. Similar to the manual series both the service record and the crew files series, needed to be organized. The service record was organized by topic so that the WWII material was first followed by work requests, supply lists, and service logs. While there was a few items from WWII, most of the collection comes from the late 1960s. With these two series left, only the Olympia association and the seaport Museum series still need to be catalog and organized. However these are two of the smallest series and should only take up about 6 archival boxes. Once this is done I can begin to use the digital programming to create the finding aid and complete the collection. Hopefully this will be finished by next week.
One other thing that happened this week that seems important to mention here, was on Friday with others from the museum we discussed the museum’s new beer garden. The topic was interesting since while the beer garden is brining in much needed money to the museum, there is concern on balancing that with keeping it a family environment. This is an important concern and discussion because if the focus shifts too much to the commercial side then the museum is at risk of missing out on their key mission of educating the public. However in this case, the museum has found a good balance since the beer garden is usually open in the evening when the museum is closed, so it makes use of the space when it would otherwise not be used.

Also I works for 12 hours this past week and there will be no blog for this week since I am on vacation in the Poconos, but will back next week.


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