Internship Week 10

This week was the final week of my internship, which was very exciting since it means the Becuna collection is finally processed and useable. On Monday, I finished put process the final series in the collection, cataloging the Cruiser Olympia Association and the Independence Seaport Museum records as well as the photograph series.  Once this was done I began creating the labels for the 81 boxes in the collection. With that completed, I began the process of entering the collection information into the digital programing that the museum uses. Through the website, eloquent, I entered the collection details, such as the historical notes, the scope and content, and the box and folder names. Once this information is all entered eloquent creates a finding aid that is key word searchable so that it can be easily used by researchers. This is an exciting part of the work since I have never used the program before and while it took some time to get used it, it does make the process of creating the finding aid much easier. Knowing how to navigate eloquent’s interface will definitely come in hand down the road in my archivist career.

On the whole, this internship has been a excellent experience. I have learned a lot in terms of whole to process large and complex collections that have lost much of its original order. Indeed, trying to work out how this collection should be organized, while challenging, was probably the most rewarding part of this project, as I was able to put my mark on this collection and define how it will be used by researchers for the years to come. Moving forward, this project has reaffirmed by love of archives as well as given me a number of things to think about for my Master’s thesis on the Becuna. IMG_3273.jpg


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